The Shady Greys over hun verhaal

The Shady Greys wonnen in 2015 de WeitjeRock bandpoule. Dit bijzonder getalenteerde duo uit Oostenrijk en Frankrijk heeft Amsterdam als thuisstad. Een bijzonder verhaal dus, ze schreven een stuk over dit verhaal.

The folks from WeitjeRock asked us to write a bit about us and how an Austrian guy and a French girl ended up starting a band together in Amsterdam.

So here we go! The story starts in Austria on a Christmas holiday (Marcus is actually from the village where the Silent night song was written – kind of ironic). He is bored and slightly drunk with his best friend. They both have some Christmas money in their pocket and decide to go to Amsterdam. So they leave the bar, go home to pack some clothes and head for the train station, all this the same night. The next morning they are in Amsterdam and Marcus falls in love with the city. Once the short holiday is over, Marcus can only think about going back. So he tries his luck and applies for a job there, which he gets. Three month later he quits is studies and is living and working in Amsterdam. About six month after that Catherine starts working in the very same company and that’s where they first meet. Her story is slightly different but similar in a way. She had never been to Amsterdam but always was attracted by the myth around this city. Still a student, she also took the escape route to Amsterdam – she had no job, no real plans. In a way both Marcus and Catherine wanted to run away from the “serious” life for a bit… and a bit became definitive!


Marcus was playing in bands for years back in Austria but once in the Netherlands he had to play on his own, didn’t really know anybody to build a band with. So he did for a while, playing acoustic gigs just voice and guitar. And then came a night where, at a friend’s place, there was a brand new cajon. Catherine tried for fun – just jamming along with a couple of friends – and that was it. On that day the two of them though: ”this works, we could make a band!” And so they did. About 6 months later, they recorded a demo at home. They had no idea how to do this, had never recorded anything before but tried anyway: bought a mic, plugged it into Catherine’s mac and used bed covers to isolate the amp. The mixing part was fun: they used the free program GarageBand… Marcus did it all on this program which was in French, a language he did not speak. Anyway they put out this demo and started playing gigs.

Gig after gig they started to grow as a band and find their sound. In 2013 they recorded their first EP, this time with the help of people who knew what they were doing! Since their debut, they’ve played live shows all over the country and some abroad - anything from the empty bar to the 650 people sold out venue. They went to play in France, Belgium, Germany and will be heading to Switzerland for the first time this year. They have also played live on Red Light Radio with the Converse sessions (support for Mac Demarco).


In 2014, they were selected for the Popronde - where they played 15 shows. Quite an experience for the band! One day you would play in a nice venue, the next day in a bar that never has live music the rest of the year… Once they ended up in a bar where they had a “full” PA and mics but no mic stands. The organizers from the festival had to run around looking for stands which arrive 5 min before the start of the show but the mics were somehow too big to fit. They ended up using standard office scotch tape to fix the mics to the stands… It did hold until the end of the set though!!  Notable clubs they played since then are Paradiso, Patronaat, Vera, Asteriks, DB’s and Bitterzoet with support gigs for bands like DeWolff, Girl Band, James Leg, Reverend Deadeye, and more.  


In the summer of 2015 they were really looking forward to playing at WeitjeRock. There was a crazy good line-up that year. They were already halfway there when they received the call that the festival had to be cancelled because of a huge storm… So when the organizers asked them if they would like to come anyway and play in a local pub to cheer up the disappointed volunteers, they said yes.
It turned out to be a great night after all. We definitely wish everyone at WeitjeRock a great festival in 2016 with nothing but sunshine and Rock’n Roll.